Cake & desserts

295 DKK

At Rabarbergaarden we love to make cakes and desserts. Some of our sweet items has become true classics. The beetroot cake, the pound-to-pound cake and our homemade biscuit with white compote and white chocolate cream. In this workshop, you will train your skilles in the pastry section of the kitchen and you will be all ready and set to make Rabarbergaardens classic cakes at home.


You get:

Thorough instruction

Recipes sent to your mail

Aprons and kitchen utensils for use our teaching

Coffee, tea and water throughout the workshop

Time: D. March 12 at 6-9.30pm

Location: Rabarbergaardens Kitchen School, Holløs Gade 21, 3210 Vejby

Please note that the workshop will only be completed at min. 6 registered.

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